Tango Communication

Tango Communication is a dance-therapy program for pairs and couples who want to improve the ways in which they communicate. A joint program between Momentos.com and Jamie Natural Health and Healing, Tango Communication combines energy-healing techniques and olfactory learning with Tango dance instruction to evolve partner resonance.

Argentine Tango is an ideal active framework for couple-therapy because of Tango’s quintessential emotional connection. Tango Communication private sessions focuses on the couples - their history, lifestyle challenges and of course, their emotions. With a firm focus on relationships, couples begin to see how Argentine Tango is personally relevant. In a workshop format, attention is paid to overturning common misunderstandings and communication impasses.

 Kristina Diaz and Donna Sue Robson MomentosKristina Diaz and Donna Sue Robson


An emotional focus

Tango Communication uses the steps and sequences of Argentine Tango, and deconstructs the roles within it, to reveal how couples communicate and what each person contributes to the partnership. It is the emotion behind the communication patterns that are key to unlocking blocks and barriers. Tango Communication reveals emotional complexities and uses the dance itself to shift negative patterns. This program develops partner empathy. 

Tango Communication can be delivered as workshops or private sessions. Instructors, Kristina Diaz and Donna Sue Robson combine Tango instruction and energy healing to help couples strengthen their relationships.  

Linking tango to real relationships

Tango honors love, intimacy and partnership. Tango Communication uses the dance's inbuilt safety mechanisms and undeniable beauty to uncover layers of a partnership and reconnect couples to ‘who they are and that which they love about each other’. Barriers dissolve as couples commit to each and every step.

Kristina Diaz has taught and danced Tango professionally for over 15 years across Australia. Argentinean, Kristina brings cultural authenticity to the program. Her extension into dance-therapy is a further commitment to help couples deepen their real-life relationships.

Donna Sue Robson, pioneer of Vibrational Balancing and Quantum Energetics, applies energy-healing techniques to help couples shift past patterns and blocks. Argentine Tango is an ideal dance-therapy tool because it demands personal honesty and reflection.


Olfactory stimulation

Olfactory stimulation is used to hasten results. Momentos's Tango signature blends and workshop-customised, natural essential-oil synergies create a dance environment that deepens communication and trust. Aroma is one of our deepest primal senses and is subtlety used to elevate spiritual accord. Tango Communication takes blend-creation to the next level: all partner-sensitive synergies resonate with Tango music itself to heighten participants' program-joy.


Using fundamental principles of tango to build relationships

Tango Communication affirms the fundamentals principles of Tango, such as respect, empathy, balance and active listening, and uses them to build partnerships. Imagine a world where the key messages of Tango heighten our enjoyment of love.  


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