Wholesale Perfumes and Colognes Melbourne

Momentos offers wholesale perfumes and colognes that are high-end- and natural. Momentos knows about the emotional and therapeutic benefit of essential oils and has gone the extra mile by collaborating with the great 'noses' of Paris to create his and her luxury, evening fragrances that are natural. Yes, we can- and yes - we did.

Scents that sizzle

Our wholesale men's cologne, Black Tango, is a complex, Earthy fragrance that was created by converting Argentine Tango music into fragrance. Fully embrace the sensual world of Argentine Tango with our natural women's perfume, Tango Red which takes feminine sexual power to the next level. The passion and partnership of Argentine Tango music has been captures and bottled. Her melodies, counter-melodies, cords and cadences, has given our wholesale perfumes and colognes elegant poise that sizzles.

A marketing dream

Our wholesale perfumes and colognes not only simulate aromas from Buenos Aires, the heart of global Tango, but were actually designed as a pair. Together, the fragrances of Black Tango and Tango Red, elevate one another to create the full, resonant, couple or partner experience. Black Tango and Tango Red are the first cologne-perfume partnership. They have been created as a pair, made to dance together through life.

The complete package

Momentos, creator of natural perfumes and colognes, is a wholesale cologne supplier based in Melbourne, Australia. Our wholesale perfumes and colognes Black Tango and Tango Red, are our signature scents that can be purchased as single box sets, or as a duo pack (2 x 50mL bottles- one of each). We offer other wholesale and promotion support with sample package lines that are also available for purchase. Our wholesale perfumes and colognes make perfect corporate, hotel or wedding gift packages.

The natural advantage

Stocking natural perfumes and colognes is a modern choice. It shows a total commitment to customer wellbeing and environmental sustainability

  • Natural perfumes and colognes gives customers therapeutic benefit (e.g., emotional stability). Making this purchase decision shows that you care about your customer's wellbeing.
  • Natural products come with checks and balances because essential oils are the 'whole ingredient'. That means that they are safer, and there is less likelihood of allergic or other reactions that customers may have experienced from synthetic or non-natural products. Stocking and promoting natural fragrances is both a responsible purchase decision and a sustainable one. 'Natural' now sells- and will become increasingly vital in selling perfumes and colognes.
  • Natural products have energy. Energy that works with the wearer's own energy system and cycles. Get in sync with modern thought processes and belief systems.
  • It connects your business to 'nature' itself. It's a brand commitment to Earth.
  • Stocking natural perfumes and colognes shows customers that your business cares about them, and the Earth. This is a purchase decision that shows you are knowledgable about industry standards and its evolution.

Flair and elegance

We've 'bottled' Argentine Tango. As if that wasn't enough:

  • Black Tango and Tango Red wholesale perfumes and colognes are gifted side-by-side in a black 'jewellery' box with a gold embossed emblem. This is gift-giving that values both the gift recipient and natural perfumery.
  • Tango Red comes in an elegant, white gold-emblemed 'jewellery' box: a single unit hard-cased gift box meticulously designed to protect this natural perfume. Respect matters.
  • Black Tango natural men's cologne is presented in a suave, black 'jewellery box with a gold emblem that cares for this exquisite natural cologne. Even the box has old-school manners.

Momentos is a Melbourne-based wholesale perfume and cologne supplier proud to offer discounts for first wholesale orders placed before November 16th. Shop now in time for Christmas.