Natural Women's Perfume

You can buy women's perfume online that is natural. Momentos has gone the extra mile in perfume- creation with our natural women's perfume, Tango Red. Just as the name suggests, this natural women's perfume was created by converting Argentine Tango music- into women's perfume.

The power of red

Momentos knows about the emotional and therapeutic benefit of essential oils. Understanding a woman's desire for deep emotional connection, Tango Red balances the sweet, the sensual and 'the sizzle'. Tango Red is like a red Ferrari: so confident in 'who she is' that she hugs each curve effortlessly, leaving onlookers open-mouthed and wanting more.

The heart of partnership

The Tango Red fragrance brings to life aromas from Buenos Aires, the heart of global Tango, and combines with the fragrance of our natural men's cologne, Black Tango, to create the full, resonant, couple or partner experience. Tango Red and Black Tango are the first perfume-cologne partnership. They have been created as a pair, made to dance together through life.

Wholesale natural perfume

Momentos, creator of Tango Red natural women's perfume, is a perfume wholesale supplier, based in Melbourne, Australia. Our wholesale natural perfume Tango Red, and wholesale natural cologne Black Tango, are our signature scents which can be purchased either as single box sets, or as a duo pack (2 x 50mL bottles- one of each). We offer other wholesale and promotion support with sample package lines that are also available for purchase. These sample packs make perfect gift, corporate or hotel or wedding gift packages.

Why buy natural perfume?

There are so many reasons why a natural women's perfume is the best purchase option.

  • Natural perfume has therapeutic benefit. Tango Red gives you confidence in your own sensual nature that elevates intimate communication.
  • Natural perfume connects you to 'nature' itself.
    Purchasing natural perfume supports sustainable, Earth-affirming strategies.
  • Natural products come with checks and balances because essential oils are the 'whole ingredient'. That means that they are safer, and there is less likelihood of allergic or other reactions that you may experience from a synthetic or non-natural product.
  • Natural products have energy. Energy that works with your own so that you present the best of you.
  • Natural perfume shows others that you care: not just about your own grooming that respects those around you- but by choosing a natural women's perfume you declare your empathy with the Earth and your willingness to do what you can to support her beauty, growth and sustainability.

Perfume wholesale supplier Melbourne

Momentos is a new natural perfume company that has bothered to devote time and resources into creating elegant signature scents that unite partners, cultures and countries. We present our wholesale natural perfume to retail outlets and franchises interested in 21st-century artistic perfume-creation, partner-resonant products and Earth sustainability.

Perfume that is holistic - you can 'have it all'

  • Tango Red natural women's perfume has a crisp, dry texture like other high-end, luxury perfumes, yet it is affordable and natural.
  • Tango Red is a refined, complex fragrance that evolved 'naturally' as we converted the musical notes, cords and phrases from Argentine Tango into a natural women's perfume. We make no apologies for its luscious sex appeal.
  • Not only is Tango Red created from the highest quality of essential oils, our 'noses' in Paris hand-sourced specific vintages and varieties of essential oils to further refine the sensual femininity of Tango Red natural women's perfume.
  • Developed alongside our natural men's cologne, Black Tango, Tango Red natural women's perfume captivates and deepens partner connection.
  • Inspired by the power and passion of Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires; made in Melbourne, a city associated with natural therapies and best practice; and refined by the great 'noses' of Paris, Tango Red natural women's cologne melds the best of tradition, technical know-how and modern sensibilities.
  • Tango Red natural women's perfume is presented in an elegant, gold-emblemed white 'jewellery' box that respects both you and your natural perfume.
  • Tango Red can be purchased in a duo box with Black Tango for couples, you and your loved one, or as the perfect wedding gift.
  • Tango Red natural women's perfume is an elegant, therapeutic, high-end evening fragrance that supports ecological sustainability.

Momentos, Melbourne-based perfume wholesale supplier, offers discounts for first orders (both retail and wholesale natural perfume orders) placed before November 16th. Shop now before Christmas.