Signature Scents

Experience the authenticity of tango with Momentos signature scents

Your signature is a statement of your identity and authenticity. It is a symbol of you and gives that which you sign, authority and value. What are you proud and happy to put your name to?

Momentos is proud and happy to put our name to Black Tango and Tango Red. Signature fragrances from our Momentos En Tango range, these natural perfumes authenticate our exacting and collaborative creative processes and define our contribution to the perfume and fragrance industry. Tango signature scents are an achievement: Black Tango is our luxury men's signature cologne and Tango Red, is a luxury women's signature perfume created from the very music and passion of Argentine Tango.

Your scent, your story: The magic of a signature fragrance

A signature fragrance is a sensory language. You choose a signature scent based on fragrance as well as how that fragrance speaks to your heart. A signature scent is that which you are proud to wear and call your own: it is a unique statement of personal identity. Signature scents immediately communicate your personal sensual etiquette.

Signature scents made from essential oils - go further.

Nature is adaptable. Natural perfumes and colognes balance and uplift your mood. They create a vibrant dynamic that helps you to adapt and to work with change itself. Choosing a natural signature scent equips you to meet the emotional challenges of a fast-paced, changing world. Natural perfumes and colognes strengthen your emotional resilience and evolve self-awareness. Natural signature fragrances make change and adaptation- sensually delicious.

Signature scents: A journey of self-discovery and expression

As you choose a fragrance based on scent and how it makes you feel, you open the layers of your heart. Ask yourself: does the scent create an 'ahh' moment and make you smile? If it does- then go with it. Scent stimulates emotional layers: it first travels through instinct, reaction and memory and can then activate layers of emotional consciousness such as courage, trust and love. That is when a fragrance begins to have a profound impact on the soul and how you live. Only natural signature scents can take you to these levels. Natural signature perfumes such as Black Tango and Tango Red, are not just exquisite fragrances- they are energetic, trusted escorts that guide your smooth journey toward self- and relational- expansion.

The choice to wear a natural signature fragrance is an empowered, modern choice. Black Tango and Tango Red invite you to explore sensuality, a sensory, universal language that excites, harmonises and offers rich connection. Natural signature perfumes and colognes connect you to the very heart of being human.

Scent and sensibility: The emotional connection to your signature fragrance


'Signature scent' denotes the unique properties of fragrance, and recognises the intimate relationship that fragrance has to you and your skin. There is complex chemistry between fragrance and skin- it is a simultaneous physical, emotional and energetic action. Physically, signature scents made from essential oils are 'living' and the smell has a symbiotic relationship to light, weather and other environmental factors. Fragrances can smell different on one person than they do on another, as fragrance interrelates with your own unique body smell, emotions - and your ever-changing emotions. Indeed, our olfactory sense is an entire intelligence system that knows what it likes and needs. It is like a super-highway that links different and vibrant intelligence systems that make you- you. Smell- fragrance- or the right signature scent- is the ultimate holistic communication channel.

In an evolutionary sense, our sense of smell has been key to survival. It warns us of danger and that which is toxic. Emotionally, our sense of smell is both an instinctive way to choose partners and to recognise family members. Sensory perception was integral to life and to this day, remains reliable and trustworthy. Even though we have evolved from primal, survival instincts, smell is our one sense that can be truly relied upon to connect and communicate with others or even - to recognise a love match.

In the 2020s, we can expect even more from our signature scents. Momentos dares you to take on the world and use fragrance to engage and discover profound, intricate and ever-evolving layers of yourself.

Unlocking memories: The power of scent and memory connection

We do not technically know how smell is connected to memory, but we do know that our neurological programs and pathways are intra-intelligent webs of information storage and memory creation that scent can reach, stimulate and connect. Full-bodied, expertly chosen high-frequency natural fragrances have profound healing capabilities. Essential oils deepen neurological connections and hasten emotional and memory processing. The use of essential oils is the new frontier of luxury perfumery. The capacity for emotional healing, soul-revelation and self-awareness has always been part of our olfactory program- but now it synchronises with our conscious desire and capacity for emotional revelation. Signature scent perfumes and colognes from Momentos are at the cutting edge of this revolution.

Structuring a scent that stands the test of time

Imagine a pyramid.

A pyramid is the strongest structure on the Earth and it is no surprise that they have stood the test of time.

A pyramid takes you straight to ancient Egypt. A land and time known for her connection with the natural and spiritual world, and mastery of essential oil- perfumery. A pyramid is not just a metaphor for timelessness- it actually holds consciousness.

On the base of the pyramid, there is a base-layer of fragrance. Meditate within its deep notes of bold, mahogany red, spiced Cabernet, moon-kissed jasmine and sun-drenched raw honey. When you are ready, use this fragrant power to rise to the next layer of the pyramid.

As you journey upward, you become curious to follow the pyramid's internal tunnels. They tease and tantilise, and you willingly explore your innermost emotions for you know, intuitively, that emotions seek revelation. They need to see the light of day. Smoked caramel, fresh orange blossom and balsamic mystery alchemise into courage.

This is the adventure of Black Tango. A fragrance structured with a captivating scent-kinetic that reveals desire and leads to intimate connection. An embodiment of mystique, courage and respect, Black Tango will get you there.

Respecting feminine mystique

Imagine a hexagon. A hexagon- an understated yet perfectly constructed geometric form.

Watch the hexagon become a beehive. A beehive that may have been designed to serve a Queen, but knows that the Queen is also there to serve the hive. Watch as the beehive dispels division. It is becoming clear that it is built upon the very consciousness of unity, and knows that through expansion and growth, it strengthens itself. It is self-assured.

Fresh honeycomb releases a deep, sweet scent. It is pitch-perfect: an undulating melody that simultaneously allures and draws strangers closer, and reassures the chosen few that they are safe, valued and are where they belong. It is an exotic yet strangely familiar fragrance that instantly communicates the safety of love and that love is quintessential to life.

Tango Red has a honey-smooth sweetness of ripe, succulent peaches. Peaches, chosen for their energy of compassion. We have tapered her with healing notes of light geranium. Light geranium that harmonises broken storylines. Picture fertile-rich jasmine, night-nurtured in sultry summer climates, exclusively harvested under New Moon cycles. Tango Red has poise. She is a proud woman who can hit citrus high notes as effortlessly as she can walk upon fresh dew drops on the forest floor.

Tango Red is a life-force. She trusts.

Argentine tango- The dance of love

Argentine Tango Is the obvious inspiration for creating a natural men's signature cologne and women's signature scent perfume, which together, are free to explore love. Black Tango and Tango Red use the healing power of essential oils and Tango sound waves to nourish, empower and interconnect. This is the evolution of signature scents for men and women.

We have put our name to it.