Natural Men's Cologne

The essence of elegance: the importance of men's fragrance

Men who choose to wear a high-quality or luxury cologne know that fragrance is integral to self-grooming and self-care. Steeped in 'old-school' social manners, fragrance shows that you care about how you present yourself to others. Men who choose exquisite fragrances are noticed, remembered, and are forever associated with class and refinement.

This is because our sense of smell is a primary sense- and quite possibly, even our most primal sensory perception. Fragrance-choice communicates your personality and personal tastes; and enhances both sexual confidence and your ability to connect to others. On the contrary, choosing to go 'fragrance-free', is not a neutral stance: rather, it is the 'fragrance equivilent' to 'wearing beige'.

It's 2024- be bold, not boring.

Black Tango is masculine elegance. It is a natural men's cologne: let warm, balsamic undertones tease smoky, earthy baselines... allow citrus playfulness to excite and let velvet-smooth rose and orange blossoms unashamedly declare your romantic intention. Black Tango is modern sensuality. It turns 'the art of the tease' into 'staying power'.

Men's olfactory senses and tastes differ from women's. Because women so often buy fragrance for men and their partners, fragrance companies have not always given enough time or attention to creating fragrances that suit and appeal to men. Men's fragrances do not always celebrate masculinity proudly or ground male emotions. It is high time that men confidently declare their unique, powerful elegance.

A well-designed men's natural perfume or cologne can elevate self-assurance so that you can ground your position in a fast-changing world. Black Tango is a complex, modern evening fragrance for men that attunes and balances primal masculine instincts by blending bold, mahogany reds, floral aphrodisiacs, rich caramels and special vintage cabernets.

Black Tango is a seductive South American cocktail inspired by the passion and music of Argentine Tango. We make no apology for its class, sensitivity and sophisticated manners. Well-conceived and impeccably balanced complexity never contradicts or confuses. Black Tango is clear, direct and self-assured.

Momentos: crafting natural perfumes for modern gentlemen

A natural men's cologne, Black Tango is made from essential oils that have been carefully selected for their therapeutic value. Alongside Jamie Natural Health and Healing of Melbourne and our associated perfumers in Paris, Momentos designs natural perfumes and colognes that heighten sensual connection and open the heart to love. Black Tango men's natural cologne is for sophisticated, modern gentlemen who not only want to discover their whole selves, but who strive to share it with grace and originality.

Choosing a men's natural perfume or fragrance is a statement that you care about the Earth as much as you care about yourself. Sustainability and environmental responsibility is beginning to drive fragrance-purchasing decisions. Now, you can have it all: Black Tango is a high-end or luxury men's cologne which by its very 'nature' supports environmental good practice. Finally, here is a sexy, natural men's fragrance that is both cost-effective and accessible. Momentos has bought luxury perfume-creation into the 21st century.

The essence of excellence: collaboration with french perfumers

Luxury brands- in the fashion and food industries as well as in the world of fragrance- always take the time needed to 'get it right'. Then they go the extra mile and employ technical masters to make it look simple. Momentos's fragrance-creation process necessitated collaboration with the finest of Parisian 'noses. French perfumers bring great refinement to our process and product. They use traditional essential oil extraction techniques, mathematical precision to define ratio and solubility, and share their fragrance artistry to create natural, therapeutic fragrances that are dry and crisp in texture and light in weight. Natural perfumes and colognes are now luxury fragrances, a technical, artistic and industry milestone. Momentos has brought you European-styled, long-lasting men's fragrances that are affordable, cost-effective and accessible online.

Created by converting the actual music of Argentine Tango into fragrance, the very melodic and cordal structure of Black Tango has resonance and an 'echo'. It is as if Black Tango is on a continual quest to uncover layers within itself. Black Tango is 'very much alive' and open to further exploration and adventure.

Black Tango was designed in-step with Tango Red natural women's perfume. Momentos designed them as a pair to be fragrant-resonate and emotionally compatiable. Long-lasting cologne and perfume, Black Tango and Tango Red resound commitment. Make loving moments, last longer.

Unveiling the benefits of buying men's cologne online

Black Tango luxury cologne for men is for modern, fashionable gentlemen who value stability, partner-connection and artistic invention. Sauve, grounded gentlemen know that self-knowledge and self-discovery, will never fail to deliver long-lasting benefits.

The benefits of buying men's cologne online

  • You know when the 'perfume profile' fits.
  • Choice becomes your own.
  • Buying men's cologne online gives you access to detailed information about the fragrance-creation process, brands and emotional benefits of the essential oils used in natural fragrances that retail sales staff rarely impart: online, you have the power to make truly conscious decisions, hassle-free.
  • You get the benefit of men's perfume sales. Momentos offers regular perfume sales and special introductory offers.
  • Natural cologne gives therapeutic benefit. This includes emotional grounding which is so vital for good relationships and intimate communication.
  • Purchasing natural colognes and perfume supports sustainable, Earth-affirming strategies.
  • Natural products have energy. Energy that works with your own so that you present the best of you.

Elevating the scent experience: Momentos's wholesale men’s cologne for Australia

Men are the great untapped fragrance market in Australia. When buying luxury, high-end fragrances, Australians still stick to European brands. Now Momentos, an Australian wholesaler of men's cologne and creator of natural, luxury perfumes, has entered the market. We would be delighted to work with fragrance retailers to develop, educate and access the men's fragrance market in Australia. Black Tango does appeal directly to men as fragrance buyers but packaged alongside Tango Red in a classy, black jewellery presentation box, Black Tango can also open the 'couples' market and will still call to women who buy for themselves and their partners.

Momentos offers unique marketing and wholesale opportunities for natural, luxury perfumes and colognes in Australia.