Black Tango, Tango Red- The Cabaret

Donna Sue Robson-James Halloran-Kristina Diaz

Donna Sue Robson - Creative Director, James Halloran - Musical Director & Kristina Diaz - Director of Dance

Black Tango, Tango Red-The Cabaret
 is a Tango dance-theatre event that tells the erotic back story of fragrance-creation. Layers are explored and relationships become entangled. By crossing time and continents, Black Tango, Tango Red is a universal story that embraces all that love can be.

Just as Black Tango men’s cologne and Tango Red women’s perfume were created from the music of Argentine Tango, Donna Robson is working with James Halloran to further deconstruct our library of fragrance blends, into modern, Tango through-composition. Kristina Diaz has the dance vision to turn James's original music and arrangements into Tango and other dance performances. Black Tango, Tango Red- The Cabaret will set a new standard in dance story-telling. Stay tuned for updates and release dates.