Must-Have Perfume Gift Sets for the Perfect Australian Summer

It's time for a fragrance classification 're-think'

It is common to describe or to classify perfume and cologne as either a day or evening scent, or as perfect fragrances for either summer or winter. Momentos offers a very different viewpoint on these old binary classifications. Our reclassification is both apt and accurate within the 'new lane' of natural, luxury fragrances.

In this new lane, we must also consider: how modern fragrances are created; their energy or frequency; adaptivity; emotional benefit; therapeutic longevity; long-lasting nature; as well as their resonance and interplay with other fragrances. Today, in the field of natural, luxury fragrances, there is so much more going on than mere scent classification- and you would expect that these perfumes and colognes can be worn both day and night, all-year round.

Summer, winter and all seasons in between

It defies both 'adaptability' and 'longevity' to compartmentalise fragrances as single season-appropriate or limited day or night usage. Momentos has created high-frequency, natural fragrances from Tango music - ask yourself: do you only listen to a type of music, in summer or winter? The essential oils in Black Tango and Tango Red dance and sing, and bring to life cords, melodies and harmonies that constantly interact with you and your complex intelligence fields.

Their vibrancy and therapeutic effect is not limited to or can be directed by a 'set idea' of either seasons or old-school social or work habits. Indeed, the use of essential oils in natural perfumes and colognes has birthed a new and expanded interplay between scent and light: just like plants, they have an actual relationship with light. It makes no sense that they are solely instructed by it and are only suited to day or evening wear. Relish in the idea that natural, luxury perfumes and colognes have a symbiotic relationship with light and too, with your own lifeforce. We present natural perfume gift sets that bring you out of the shadow lands, into light-filled rooms so that you can always be your best. 

Our approach to fragrance reclassification is a holistic one: we create natural, high-frequency 'his and her' perfumes and colognes that befriend your secret natures and will always lift your position in a fast-changing world, ever-changing seasons, or forever changing relationships. This is the future of resonant fragrances. They last, they empower and they enliven- day-in, day-out and across seasons. They are dynamic.

Play with fragrance to bring out layers

You can play with ratio and find your own fragrance-balance by purchasing Tango Red and Black Tango sample packs. Combine Tango Red and Black Tango, together, on your own skin. Don't be limited, even by the 'male cologne' and the 'female perfume' labels. Mixing them together is not weird- they were made to be resonant and will enhance the complex scents within each bottle.

Changing the ratio or balance of the two gives you variety, a mood reset and most importantly, allows you to control your signature fragrance through a flexible and playful attitude. By 'playing' you are engaging with the scent and the oils themselves. You are creating a symbiotic relationship with nature itself. By changing the ratio of Tango Red and Black Tango, you are constantly exploring, deepening and heightening the 'layering' effect and all the while, discovering more layers within yourself. Momentos invites you to engage with the world of sensual intelligence.


Black Tango & Red Tango: Perfume Sample Pack


We dare you ....

You can also add more layers into the mix by harmonising your combination of Tango Red and Black Tango, with how your partner chooses to wear their all-natural Tango fragrance. Never before have 'his and her' natural, high-end luxury fragrances been presented as sample packs or duo presentation packs that offer 'play' as part of perfumery and sexuality. It's time to truly explore fragrance.

Nature is alive and well

Natural perfumes and colognes are living fragrances. Made from nature, they have an inbuilt energetic structure that seeks bond and interaction. Made from Argentine Tango music, our Tango signature scents also have a mathematical structure that also holds, builds and energises. Just like Argentine Tango, Tango Red and Black Tango are dynamic, and stand the test of time. 

You are beginning to see that 'by their very nature', natural perfumes and colognes offer very different fragrance profiles. In days-gone-by, because of synthesisation, non-natural fragrances are static (dead) and can be easily and simply classified via the mono 'stock-standard' perfumery template. Contrast this to natural, multi-dimensional and luxury perfumes like Black Tango and Tango Red that actually stimulate emotional growth and rest upon an ever-present communication with the natural world. 

Natural perfumes and colognes support our own adaptive natures. They heighten our ability to connect emotionally and help us to navigate social changes, relationship demands and communication impasses. Play with it.

Setting up your fragrance library

It used to be that you could walk into someone's home and know their history, tastes and influences from their music or book collections. Today, many homes in western cultures have 'neutral' decor, hide-away storage units and digitalised infrastructures that hide personal cultures and social personalities. Let scent and fragrance recreate an interactive identity space. Let our Tango perfume gift set kickstart your fragrance library. It will speak volumes.

Tango Red perfume set for women, Black Tango perfume set for men, and our Black Tango and Red Tango duo perfume gift sets come in white and black monogrammed keep-sake boxes. Classy, sleek and streamlined, they are similar in design to iconic jewellery boxes. Momentos's perfume gift sets add value to your fragrances and ensures their longevity and vibrancy. We want your special moments to last and to be seen.

Red and black- bold colours for all seasons

Tango Red will not be held back. Red is fast, self-assured and exciting. Tango Red will move you. She sensualises each movement and will heighten feminine impact. Tango Red has been paired with Black Tango, which is a truly masculine and masterful equal of the feminine bold. Black Tango's chiselled suave and grounded gentlemanly manners transforms any connection into honest romance. Black Tango's authentic, emotional communication is dependable. Together, Black Tango and Tango Red turn spark into fire.



A new approach to fragrance and fragrance design

Momentos has a holistic approach to fragrance which stems from our expertise as energy healers and vibrational aromatherapists. We started with an intention- a healing intention- to uplift a person's self-confidence; empower their creativity; and to align soul-certainty. We created a structure that unites, grows and resonates: in perfumery, this structure is achieved through music selection. The music of Argentine Tango met our healing intention and offered a baseline for dynamic connection. The music of Argentine Tango has a wide emotional breadth that is quintessential for personal and partnership discovery. 

The transposition from music to mathematics gave us the layers of complexity and integrity to our natural fragrances. Essentially, Momentos has choreographed a playful yet passionate dance, that teases, tantilises and transforms. Black Tango and Tango Red are alive. Together, they dance, tell stories and create moments that can last forever. 

Momentos presents Tango Red and Black Tango as sample packs, stand-alone fragrances or perfume gift sets for women, men and couples. Black Tango and Tango Red is where freedom opens to love. Wear them all year long.