French Perfume Made in Australia

Globalisation has landed in the perfume and fragrance industry with Momentos, Melbourne's own natural perfumery company which spent over 5 years collaborating with Parisian 'noses' and know-how, to present his and her perfumes inspired by Argentine Tango. Momentos has converted the music of Argentine Tango, famed for its partner connection and passion, into Black Tango men's cologne and Tango Red women's perfume. You can buy each natural perfume and cologne separately in a stylish gift box that you would expect from premium perfumes, or together, as a duo box. French perfume, natural perfume- made in Australia.

His and Her Perfume

Black Tango and Tango Red his and her perfumes have been designed as a pair. Momentos, perfume supplier of Melbourne, knows that true 'noses' need to connect with premium perfumes, and present sample packs for you to test. These are available as single booklet samples, or in multiple packs that make ideal corporate gifts or stylish, sensual keep-sakes for wedding guests so that they, too, can connect to love and sensual romance. Tango Red women's perfume and Black Tango men's cologne, unites couples, guests and keeps customers coming back. French perfumes are premium perfumes- and history shows that they quickly become must-have signature scents. Unleash the passion, ignite the fire, with Black Tango and Tango Red his and her perfumes.

Perfume Supplier

Our women's perfume, Tango Red, and men's cologne, Black Tango, are also wholesale perfumes and colognes. Samples packs can be purchased by retailers or other stockists, as well as organisers of special events such as weddings or bridal expos.

Wholesale perfumes and colognes Melbourne

Black Tango and Tango Red natural perfumes are a retailer's dream. Embrace the full partner resonance and passion of Argentine Tango, heightened with the emotional balance and wellbeing that comes from natural, essential oils. Our Natural perfumes, created with respect to French perfume traditions, are evening fragrances that are crisp, dry and luxurious- premium perfumes, made in Australia.

The Natural Advantage

Why Choose Black Tango and Tango Red

  • Choosing natural perfumes and colognes is a modern choice. It is a total commitment to wellbeing and environmental sustainability.
  • Natural perfumes and colognes offer profound therapeutic benefit: Black Tango and Tango Red have been designed to stimulate and balance emotional stability, sexual confidence and partner resonance.
  • Natural perfumes come with checks and balances because essential oils are the 'whole ingredient'. That means that they are safer, and there is less likelihood of allergic or other reactions that may have been experienced from synthetic or non-natural products.
  • Natural perfumes have energy. Energy that works with the wearer's own energy system and cycles. Get in sync with modern thought processes and belief systems.

Why Stock Black Tango and Tango Red

  • Choosing to stock Black Tango and Tango Red wholesale perfumes and colognes is both a responsible purchase decision and a sustainable one. 'Natural' now sells- and will become increasingly vital in selling perfumes and colognes.
  • It connects your business to 'nature' itself. It's a brand commitment to Earth.
  • Stocking natural perfumes and colognes shows customers that your business cares about them, and the Earth. This is a purchase decision that shows you are knowledgable about industry standards and its evolution.

Momentos is an Australian perfume supplier proud to offer discounts for first orders placed before December 16th. Shop now in time for Christmas.