French Perfume Made in Australia

A fragrant revolution: Accessing French perfume online in Australia

French perfume, synonymous with fragrance perfection, class and finery, is now made in Australia. Momentos, a small boutique fragrance business with a specific vision and unique skill-sets, has sourced and collaborated with masters in Europe to create high-end, luxury fragrances, Black Tango and Tango Red. We are truly blessed and grateful to be part of the online perfume generation- for today, Australians and lovers of fine fragrance who once fell outside the exclusive world of French perfumery, can now access affordable luxury French perfumes and colognes online

Perfumery is a sensory world: it is a true and powerful, holistic art form. Scent is our most authentic and primal way to communicate. Fragrance is poetry- indeed, it is the very language of sensuality. Oftentimes, in our fast-paced, half-crazed, material and literal world, sensuality is pushed aside, disregarded or even 'dumbed down'. It is a rare gift to be able to create balanced scents that make the complex seem simple. It is, indeed, the art of balancing complexity that is the heart of perfume creation.

Perfume as an expression of love: The French tradition

Elegance is so much more than 'style': it is a refined, sensitive language that crosses boundaries. The French invented the very language of perfume. They know that it is within the power or fragrance to unlock the soul itself. Wear the right fragrance, and it opens the heart and connects to love. Love is simply a force greater than yourself. Lovers of perfume are inspired by the mysteries of love and are ready to discover and savour its stories.

And that's when life and relationships become interesting...

French perfumers: Poets and artists of fragrance

Scent is our one sense that is connected to all parts of the brain. The right scent, the right balance, and the respectful process of fragrance-creation, expands emotional communication and intelligence. Over generations, French masters have let their noses guide their creative processes and have made timeless, sublime perfumes. French perfumers are connected to the very journey of perfume-creation, for they know that it is the journey itself that engages and connects the human spirit. French artists intuitively understand the profound inter-relationship of subtlety and complexity, and forever tease and temper it with passionate integrity. Perfume-creation in the 21st century has become multi-dimensional.

Momentos chose to work with French masters because they are the sensualists, the poets, and the artists of perfumery. They not only respect tradition and technique, but also look for new approaches that push the envelope of the fragrance-arts. Commitment to sustainable and responsible practice has inspired French perfumers to explore the evolving role and potential of natural ingredients and energetic therapies in the luxury perfume markets.

The heart of partnership: Black tango and tango red

Momentos has a strong and uncompromising vision.

  1. We wanted to bottle 'sensual passion'. We were inspired by Argentine Tango and converted the music of 'the dance of love' - to fragrance.
  2. We wanted to 'bottle the heart of partnership-connection'. Partnership is a quintessential feature of Argentine Tango: it seemed obvious to create a luxury cologne and perfume together. Black Tango and Tango Red had to blend, balance, excite- and uplift each other.
  3. As energy healers and natural therapists, the creation of crisp, dry, luxury colognes and perfumes that are also natural- was our foundation stone. Our selection and balance of essential oils ensures that Black Tango and Tango Red give emotional and therapeutic benefits.
  4. The connection created from passion and partnership had to be authentic and yet, provide individual empowerment. Both our fragrances, like real love, are long-lasting and evoke French, timeless elegance. They support each other and grow together. 

French perfumery bought to Australia

In the early days, our vision was clear and our test fragrances were powerful and promising, but we knew that French artistry and technical refinement was required to achieve the high-quality, luxury natural perfumes of which we had dreamed.

  1. French 'noses' brought the vital skill-sets to create natural, luxury colognes and perfumes. The technique had to be precise, otherwise, essential oils would not solubilise and the 'luxury' texture and weight would not be achieved. We searched for a French perfume house with a modern outlook and international vision. We searched for those who knew the value of 'natural' and who could turn 'nature' into luxury fragrance lines.
  2. The right French perfume house would have access to specific oils and scents from Argentina and South America. These fragrances of passion are imperative to our Tango story.
  3. The right international French perfume house would respectfully treat 'Latin' notes and characters. An international perfume house would have access to specific vintages of essential oils needed to create exact notes, melodies, counter-melodies, fragrance harmonics and confident perfume cadences. We needed international perfume masters whose traditions and knowledge enabled solid and creative collaboration. Great collaboration has a rhythm. Music has rhythm. It takes two.
  4. Momentos sought 21st century collaboration with masters who were willing to share their traditions of artistic perfume creation. This relationship was paramount to perfume mastery and the development of the natural, luxury perfume industry in Australia. Commitment is key to collaboration.

French fragrance fusion: The essence of Momentos En Tango

Collaboration is a unique energy or business structure where independent contractors and companies work together in an artistic, respectful and confident way. Not only does Momentos work alongside French perfume creators, our Melbourne perfume & cologne manufacturer, Complete Cosmetics, is an indispensable partner. Complete Cosmetics, brings packaging expertise to the table. Alongside their sister company Complete Packaging, Complete Cosmetics traveled to China to consult with packaging giants and printers. The result of our Asia-Pacific collaboration is slick, sleek and stylish spray units in presentation keep-sake boxes that are affordably priced and which can be distributed easily. We also have a variety of sample packs for retail purchase and promotion.

Momentos has four more European-style perfumes and colognes in our Momentos En Tango range that we hope to bring to market. Our new French fragrances will not only enhance the Momentos En Tango range and secure our team-collaboration artistry and standards, but will solidify our position as a brand committed to high-end, natural 'his and her' fragrances. Further fragrance-creation may include French perfume for men and French cologne for women.

Discover Melbourne's new fragrance icons: Black tango and tango red

French perfumes for women and French colognes for men, inspired by the music, culture and fragrances of Argentina and South America, may have just turned Melbourne into a new 'Latin Quarter'. Melbourne, a city known for her love of food, dance-arts and cultural diversity, is now on the world map as a vibrant intersection of French fragrance and Latin sensuality.

Created and manufactured in Melbourne, Black Tango and Tango Red French perfumes and colognes can be easily distributed to all Australian capital cities and retail outlets.

Elevating natural perfumery: The Momentos vision

Momentos was formed in 2014 by Donna Sue Robson of Jamie Natural Health and Healing. The vision of Momentos was to create luxury perfumes that are natural and which offer therapeutic benefits. It is simply 'time' that the wondrous and holistic world of natural therapies intercepted luxury fragrances. Momentos can see a time when 'natural' is no longer marginalised, misjudged or delegated to be 'the poorer' cousin of the fragrance world. 

The art of sensuality should not be exclusive. French perfume, made in Australia, is now available online.